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Interior Waterproofing Pros is Famous for Providing Damage-Free Services 

Here is a brief detail of services provided by us to customers at the reasonable prices:

1. Basement Leak Repair Services

Water leaks in the basement can be complex to repair. But, with the help of dexterous equipment our team is able to perform its job without making any damage to your property. We have established a good reputation among people because of excellent waterproofing services.

Following services are made by us at basement:

  • Find the right source of leaks in the basement.
  • Accurately repair foundation cracks in poured concrete and block foundations.
  • Skillfully replace the weeping tile.
  • Proficient Interior and Exterior Crack Repair.
  • Waterproofing is done on the exterior foundation walls.

2. Wet Basement Repair Services

Because of heavy rains or rapid snowfall, many homeowners may notice that water is seeping into the basement, normally through the foundation walls. Normally, basement leaks can be fixed quickly. But the main thing is to find the origin of the leak and make a permanent fix for it so that issue could not rise again.

Interior Waterproofing Pros can provide the right solution for the issue at the right prices. We will never convince you to make unnecessary spending. Like if there is a small area where the leak is, the repair will be done at that particular spot rather than waterproofing whole place. As if the repair is done in the entire basement, it can be quite costly for you. Our technicians always find the crack first and then repair it with right tools or materials. Call us to give you the best wet basement repair or solution today!

3. Foundation Crack Repair 

Have you found any foundation crack that is leaking water into the basement? It should be treated as soon as possible as more damage could occur due a single crack. If you find any crack in your home, immediately contact us. We are experienced in treating cracks according to the industry’s standards.

Following are the standard methods used for repairing foundation cracks:

  • Epoxy crack injection
  • Exterior crack repair
  • Polyurethane crack injection; and

4. Thermal Imaging and Basement Leak Detection

Homeowners always prefer to non-destructive approach to detect the accurate location of the water leaks specifically where concrete block foundations are involved. So, we have a great solution for it, we perform a thermal imaging inspection by using the advanced infrared technology, and a high precision moisture meter.

We understand the value of our customers' property and promise them to offer eminence waterproofing services.